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We provide strategic marketing direction in web3, life science, media, education, manufacturing, distribution and sales organizations.  We create global awareness campaigns and facilitate solutions to transition from traditional education outlets into the digital world of new media and multi-device delivery. Gamification techniques are key to establishing community-building programs. 


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Niki Faldemolaei

Founder & CEO

Niki, author of "Lead with Livecast" and "There's Money in this Book", is a visionary who brings existing content into the 21st Century.  Whether it is a library of training footage, a product launch or the written word, there are billions of folks looking for digitized content to make their purchasing decisions.  Let her take you there.

Think Tank Team

This is the most talented group of implementers I know. We are equally strategic as we are geek.  Our execution includes dozens of best-selling book launches, marketing campaigns, sales funnels, podcasts, membership sites and product development and distribution.  If you have heard of the multi cast marketing era, we were first to market and can produce your next show, chop it into pieces and distribute it in every format to every device everywhere in the world.  Check us out!



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Temple Arts


Niki Faldemolaei#4303

San Diego, CA 92037

Niki served 20 years in corporate biotechnology and new media industries followed by 10 years in entrepreneurial product and service launches, campaigns utilizing cutting edge intelligence and live event promotions for celebrity athletes and pioneering healers.


While working with the Newspaper Association of America, IMG Creative and Proelite, Niki achieved successful client placements in USA Today, Newsweek, Washington Post, New York Times, Huffington Post, Muscle & Fitness; at the Cannes Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival; as well as on the Sundance Channel, National Geographic Channel, and Showtime. Niki has also earned agency, publishing and New York Times interactive awards.

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