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 Price list

Thank you for taking a closer look at these incredible trending offerings.  With billions of accounts online and millions of buyers initiating their purchases online the opportunity for you to be in front of a massive audience is better than ever!  

(Note, these prices are meant as a guide and can be customized for your needs)

Self Study
Virtual Agency
Consulting Services



Lead with Livecast .............................  $0.99

The Complete Blueprint to Monetizing Your Speaking Gigs, Workshops and Trainings


Build To Grow .........  $2.99/$9.97

14 Thought Leaders Share Engagement Strategies For the C-Suite


There's Money in This Book ......... $0.99/$9.97

17 Secrets from a Marketing Mastermind



Build to Grow Virtual Summit....... $79.00
17 Authors share growth strategies for building 7-figure businesses. (15hrs video)


Video Capture & Editing ....... $1,500-2,500/day


Video Testimonial for book launch:


Video Testimonial for a Cause:

"I've had the privilege to work with Niki on a mutual project - Island 17- the gamification of the SDG's utilizing youth and the young at heart. I see Niki as a passionate and committed individual who, when she gets involved she's all in. Her experience, wealth of information, and knowledge in marketing, sales, promotion, and community have been so beneficial to the Island 17 team. It is a pleasure to partner with Niki and know her as a human being."
~ Margaret Kral, Exec Dir, CO GRID Alternatives

“Niki has an insatiable appetite to deliver in a start-up environment. No task is too great and her optimism is unbounded. Work with Niki if you can!” - Kelly Perdew, President, ProElite, Inc (PELE.PK)

“Niki is an outside the box thinker with tireless dedication to the task at hand and has the ability to produce results regardless of limited resources.” - Jeremy Gocke, Vice President of Business Development, Proelite, Inc.

“Niki brings grace, intelligence, ethics and a constancy of aim, effort and one pointedness to every task in which she engages. Always with a smile on her face...she faces a challenge like water...moving around, over and through.” - Anthony Guidera, Director of Organizations, Pro Elite Inc.

“Niki is a beaming, energetic, bright, and competent marketing professional. She
always conducts herself in a professional manner and is a fountain of good ideas and
novel approaches. Her interpersonal and organizational skills are outstanding. I highly
recommend Niki!!!!!” - Joe Petrone, Adjunct Associate Professor - Marketing, University of Maryland University

“Niki is much more than just a "think outside the box" kind of a thinker. For her, there
just IS no box. She has an uncanny ability to not ONLY take in the big picture quickly
and accurately from a strategic perspective – she also has a great knack for identifying
the critical path for the creative work plan.  A dream to work with - wish I had more clients like her.” - Mike Houle, Owner, New Planet Studios


Digitizing Assets

Digital Residual Income Builder ........

        $5,500 - $7,500 per product

        Bundles available for multiple assets
        Annualized Retainer Plan

Digital Marketing and Promotion......

        $3,500 includes 6-wk campaign

        marketing, landing pg w opt-in,

        copy and social media. Paid ads

        charged separately.

Best Seller Campaign for existing Authors....

       $3,500 includes 6-wk campaign & more

       Top 100 - 10 - #1 Best Seller Diploma

Paid Advertising ...................... Retainer


All Virtual Agency Campaigns are quoted by the project. 



"I have had the pleasure of working with Niki on two gamification projects (so far) and have been impressed by Niki's abilities to keep users and collaborators at the center of the project, making them feel comfortable, happy, and engaged, while never losing sight of the goal or deliverables. She has has empathy and leadership skills and manages to combine creativity and technology together to generate innovative solutions. If you are looking for someone who can explain how to design, create, and manage a user-centered community or DAO, Niki is your top choice"
~ Fabrizio Gramuglio, Futurist, Tech Advisor

"Niki is the kind of person who will get the job done no matter what. She is an excellent event management trouble shooter, and an excellent communicator who knows how to act respectfully and kindly to prospective clients. I feel her greatest strength is to rise above challenges, find the best solution, and then she does what needs to be done. I recommend Niki with confidence that she will contribute her expertise with honesty and integrity." 
- Amara Charles, 

"Niki works at the C-Suite level and is well-versed in the micro performance of integrated marketing. She designs, tests, and evolves strategies tied to client goals with human-to-human wisdom, compassion, and strong leadership. Her work ethic is epic. I recommend Niki to anyone planning to grow their business with smart marketing."

- Sharon McLean

"Working with Niki has really simplified our ability to increase our exposure on social media and engage our followers regularly with compelling content. Everything she has written has been very excellent. Thanks Niki for providing us this very valuable service that is a win-win for both Sierra Sciences and RAADFest".
-William H. Andrews, Ph.D., President & CEO, Sierra Sciences

“Niki is an amazing Marketing Guru and Operations Manager. She has implemented
some fantastic revenue creating opportunities for ISTA. I highly recommend Niki to any hiring company. Ben” - Ben Vandenhoeven, President Bennon Inc

“My experience with conference was that Niki was wonderful! She seemed to be everywhere and was very responsive to everyone's needs. It was the best conference yet.” - Amelia Baker, Speaker and Author

Best Strategic Value:

Annual Consulting Fee .................$36,000

For less than 1/3 the price of a Marketing Director you receive me and access to my team for a year.  No payroll taxes, no imposed benefits, just pure value.


Best Periodic Check-up Value:
Hot Seat Panel Biz Review ...............  $1,500

4-5 experts review/advise on your business, Includes preliminary interview plus a one hour session with the panel (via Zoom or Hangout) and an audio file of the hot seat session for your records.

Book Publishing ......................

       Individuals (manuscript to book shelf)
        Quoted Separately $10k - $15k - $20k

       Group Authors (one chapter per author)
        Quoted separately From $2k per chapter





"Niki Faldemolaei is a highly esteemed leader and on the team of solving global grand challenges such as extended health span, biotechnology, bioinformatics, gene therapy and  longevity. I worked with Niki together with high level entrepreneurs and her passion and contributions are always of service and benevolent leadership. I highly recommend her to anyone who chooses to grow, learn about exponential technologies and creating abundant futures." - Thi Hien Nguyen

“Niki a highly gifted creative talent as well as a dynamic business
organizer. For the years I have known her, her consistent outstanding production capacity has given her the reputation in the industry as a networking genius as well as a qualified team management professional. Her marketing skills are comparable to the best industry standards. I highly recommend her association and I wholeheartedly endorse her integrity and reliability in a wide spectrum of dynamic creativity marked by excellent references and past accomplishments. In short, she is a gem. - Elan Sun Star Educator, Global Photographer, Writer, photo journalist, musician, Honolulu Hawaii

“It was always a joy to work with Niki and see her creativity come to life. She listened
carefully to what the project at hand was designed to do, and then produced several
creative executions to choose from. She managed her department in a style that kept her people motivated and productive. She always approaches a challenge with a positive and professional point of view.” - Tony Marsella, vice president classified marketing, Newspaper Association of America

“Niki is a much focused individual with a passion for strategic creativity and robust
for life. She exemplifies personal qualities that are ethical, caring, and strong. She has
a work ethic that in my view well exceeds most. She is methodical, analytical and has
natural leadership qualities. She is also professionally human and keeps life’s priorities well managed. To summarize Niki, she is a well rounded experienced individual with a tremendous amount of talent.”  - Wendy Berrier, Owner, Berrier Consulting

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